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In most tourist destinations, be it Punta Cana, Riviera Maya, Bahamas, etc. you have two options to celebrate the wedding of your dreams. The first is to marry in a Super Hotel (all inclusive), which are those huge hotels which They are going to do everything for you. But the fact that they do everything for you does not necessarily mean that your wedding goes perfectly. The other option is to get married in a Boutique Hotel (that is not All Inclusive) that tend to be much cheaper but require more of your attention. To understand it in a better way let's see some of its differences

Tulum Wedding



The big hotels of international companies and the "All Inclusive" usually have very nice luxury facilities and usually have the best beaches in the area, if you decide to get married in one of these places you will have a wedding planner that will commission to advise on everything related to the big day of your wedding. Most of the time your family and guests will stay in the same place as there is enough space. But it also means that they will have to stay. These hotels have a team of photographers and videographers that will "cover" part of your wedding. If what you are looking for is social status, that is for you.


On the other hand the big hotels try to keep you and your guests in a golden bubble so that you do not leave their facilities to explore the culture and local people of the area.

The big hotels try to monopolize all your activities and try to sell their tours at their own prices, not to mention that they do not want you to go out exploring other restaurants and typical kitchens, they will do everything possible so that you spend every penny in their facilities. When we talk about your wedding at the big resorts, they have very expensive wedding packages and not all people can pay.

The wedding photography packages are meticulously designed so that you spend more after the day of your wedding. For example, they will tell you that the Photo and Video service is included in your wedding package that you are going to book. But what they do not tell you is that they are usually very young inexperienced photographers who receive a minimum wage and they are not going to make any effort to actually take artistic photos that you can proudly hang on the wall of your house. Most of the time wedding packages in all inclusive resorts, will not cover the best moments of your day, like when you get ready for your wedding, the first sight, the reception, the wedding cake and family portraits. They will focus only on the ceremony, which includes only 30 to 50 photos and a 3-minute video clip. If you want the "photographer" for more time you will have to pay extra and if you want more of the photos included in your package you will have to pay more for each of those photos. Now, if you want to bring a real external wedding photographer you will have to pay from your pocket up to $ 1000 usd extra per photographer (plus what the photographer charges you for their services) they call it "External provider fee" !! Plus another $ 1000 usd if you want to bring a videographer with drone. This is just for them to enter the hotel!

Your Wedding planner will do everything possible for your wedding, but because it is limited to what the hotel offers you will have limits as to how personalized you want your wedding. Since no Hotel all Inclusive will offer you a unique destination wedding to your liking. It will just be another wedding (like every weekend) with the same menu, the same decoration, the same band, the same flowers, the same colors, the same photographer, blah blah blah

Boho Wedding in Mexico


The pros

Unlike the Resort All Inclusive Hotels, when you celebrate your wedding in a Boutique Hotel, Event Hall, Restaurant or Villa. You have much more freedom to have a wedding exactly as you have always dreamed. Since you have the freedom to choose your own destination wedding photographer, your own decoration, you choose your Wedding Planner, DJ, etc. No need to pay that "fee from external providers". In this type of "small hotels" the costs of your wedding will be much lower. Maybe you do not have the best beach in the area but you will surely have a wedding in a more accessible place just for you and your partner but for all your family and guests. You may even have the option to rent the whole place and make it more exclusive. They will have the freedom to explore the area more and live the experience of the place without limitations. You can choose a wedding photographer with much more experience in different places and with a unique style. Which will take pictures of your day from start to finish. The same happens with the Wedding Videographer. Sometimes they also give you more freedom to fly a Drone on your wedding day.

Another advantage is that your Wedding Planner will be 100% focused on your wedding since for her / the wedding is unique and different. The restaurant, Villa or event hall will give you the freedom to choose themes and decorations based on your own taste.

The Cons:

The bad thing about celebrating your wedding in a Boutique Hotel or local Events Room is that it will require more of your time and attention so that everything goes as you have always dreamed. But for that there are good wedding planners! Also usually these places tend to be smaller but with a decoration more in line with the event.

So there you have it! Whether you celebrate your boho wedding at a Resort All Inclusive or at a Boutique Hotel make sure you always check the fine print of the contract, see the facilities in person before your wedding and make sure you hire the right Destination Wedding Photographer and especially with the necessary experience. Remember that at the end of the day, once the wedding is over, the photographs of your perfect wedding will be the only thing left to remember to show your children and grandchildren.

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