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8 Tips to get Amazing Family Portraits in Playa del Carmen

Congratulations, you finally got those long-awaited vacations in Playa del Carmen or Tulum. You deserve them, you have worked all year to enjoy this moment with your family in a Mexican Caribbean Beach and your wife has the great idea of ​​taking family photos on the beach to hang them in her living room. Maybe it's your first time in La Riviera Maya so you don't know where to go, what is the best place for a family session? What time? What to wear? How to get a professional photographer? Hire a local Photographer or one who speaks English? Etc..

Do not worry about that I have created a small guide for you to have an incredible family photography session in the Riviera Maya.

Playa del Carmen Family Photographer

1- Think about what you want.

Do you want to take photos on the beach with turquoise blue water as a background? Or would you like to take pictures of your family in places of interest such as 5th Avenue and capture the Mexican culture? Maybe you prefer to take photos in a Cenote with crystal clear water and the jungle. If you decide to have a family photo session on the Beach, it is not the same to do it on Mamitas Beach that is full of vendors, and people with horns playing Reggaeton and drinking beer to do the session in Puerto Aventuras that has a beautiful Beach Clean that is almost always empty.

2- On the beach of your Hotel or on a Public Beach?

This is a talk you have to have with your Photographer beforehand. Some Beaches of the largest Hotels in The Riviera Maya are very nice but access to them is almost impossible for people who are not staying there (The Photographer). That is why you have a photographer with experience in the area and can give you options in case access to your “Exclusive Hotel” is very difficult. Even if your Hotel does not have a Beach, your Photographer can give you the best option based on your area.

Puerto Aventuras Family Photographer

3- Contract to a local Photographer or an internal "Photographer" of the Hotel?

Let's be honest, your Hotel will try to get every last dollar out of your pocket. They have much more expensive packages, they do not offer you the freedom to go to other places, their packages are very limited and they give you a few printed photos just after the session, their “Photographers” are usually employees who do not have a training Photographic and work under very low salaries and therefore do not put the effort to satisfy the client since they work under a very low salary and commission. Who makes all the money is the Hotel!

4- What is the best time of day to take family photos on the beach?

I imagine that you do not want your young children to be at noon under the miserable sun, sweating, thirsty and with a bright skin in all your photos. The best time of day is very early in the morning, between 6; 30 am and 9 am maximum to avoid heat and sun in your eyes. But, if you don't like to get up early or you went to the party the day before 5th Avenue, it would be best to take pictures in the afternoon (between 6pm and 7pm) to capture the colors of the sunset. But keep in mind that the beaches will have much more people.

Tulum Family Photographer

5- What clothes to wear in a family photo session in Playa del Carmen?

Try to wear comfortable clothes that allow you to sit, walk and even get a little wet in the sea. Cool cotton clothes will allow your family to sweat less, avoid very colorful logos and brands, hats are allowed and look good, but baseball caps maybe not so much, wear open shoes or sandals to walk in the sand, White or light blue colors and pastel tones look great. It is highly recommended that the whole family wear the same or very similar clothes, as it gives the feeling of unity. They can bring sunglasses but only wear them in a few photos.

6- How to get a Family Portrait Photographer in the Riviera Maya?

There are many ways, just go to Google and create a search based on the area where you are going to travel, write something like: "Family Photographer in Playa del Carmen." Also in local Facebook groups they can serve you for recommendations. Instagram is a great tool to find local photographers.

Playa del Carmen Family Photographer

7- Be inspired by Pinterest or Instagram

Many times you can be better inspired and find specifically what you are looking for when you visit these social networks. Be sure to take a screenshot and show it to your photographer so he can see the style you are looking for.

8- Hire a local Family Photographer or a foreign one?

It depends on the language you speak but as a rule a photographer who is local but who speaks English will be your best option. There is no point in hiring a foreign photographer if you do not know the area or the language. Hire a photographer who clearly understands what you say and what you are looking for and that you can support the local economy by hiring local talent.

Riviera Maya Family Photographer

So there you have the best tips for you to have an incredible family photo session in the Riviera Maya. And if you are ready to find your Family Photographer in Playa del Carmen, click here!

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