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14 Things To Help You Choose Your Destination Wedding Venue.

Having a destination wedding sounds to many couples as the best option to have a celebration in an amazing place, reggae music and stress free. But, once you start with the preparations you realize that it may not be as easy and stress-free as you imagined. I am a Wedding Photographer in the Riviera Maya, I am not an expert in planning weddings, but now that I am in Playa del Carmen, Mexico I have asked some of the best Wedding Planners of the best Resorts in the Riviera Maya for their tips and tricks. They are very simple steps that will make your life much easier.

The first thing you have to think about is:

1- Develop a wedding budget: Try to be clear from the beginning how much you are willing to spend without sacrificing the Honeymoon. There may be a few last-minute expenses.

2- Estimate a guest list: It is important that the guests assure you their presence and do not have to spend or pay for an extra seat that is not going to be used. The wedding venue will charge you based on how many people are going to be present.

3- Choose a wedding date or a time frame: Since it is a destination wedding, try to make it a date that is appropriate for most people. Holidays and long weekends can be ideal.

4- Find a wedding space that aligns with your vision (rustic, boho,modern, interior or exterior):

This is YOUR wedding and your style! The hotel, wedding venue or Restaurant has to have a vibe that goes with your own style. Tulum Boho Weddings are the new thing now, and they are beautiful! They are Weddings Hipster style super romantic and connected with nature.

5- See real photos from past weddings: Many All Inclusive Resorts have very nice shiny web sites but with one or two wedding photos in their site. How do you expect you to book the place with thousands of dollars based on one or two photos? Make sure they show real photos from past weddings in that place and no stock photos downloaded from the internet. See some of the best Resorts in the Riviera Maya here!

6- The same applies to your Destination Wedding Photographer: A true photographer should have many photos in his portfolio of this style you are looking for. Make sure you see an extensive portfolio and years of experience.

Boho style LGBT wedding in Tulum, Mexico

7- Get reviews: It is important that your wedding venue and any wedding provider you hire have several opinions and verifiable reviews.

8- Find out about the contingencies due to bad weather: The climate in Mexico and the Caribbean is a bit unpredictable. Pay attention to the season and what options your wedding venue offers in case of rain.

9- Ask if there are full service options: Are you going to celebrate the wedding there only, your guests are going to stay there for the days that are? What other attractions do you offer? DJ, Catering, Flowers, etc..The complete service

10- Find out about the external vendors fee and the restriction of suppliers: Almost "All Inclusive Resorts" will try to charge you expensive fees for external suppliers. You are the customer and the boss! Ask your hotel to avoid that charge in case you want to bring your own Wedding Photographer and Videographer. External vendors are usually much more professional than those offered by these hotels. See some of the best wedding photographers in the Riviera Maya here!

11- Discover if you have exclusive use of the property: Many couples have spent booking the place and then realize they have to share the place with two other weddings, a Quinceañera and a Bachelor Party full drunk dudes!

12- Make sure the place is just for you and your guests:

How will you take care of your guests' place? Is there on the site hosting, private security, parking and so on?

13- Establish a tasting: Make sure that the presentation of the food and drinks is exactly what they offer you in the tasting of the food and that there are no surprises.

14- Reserve the place: Once you have done all this and you are sure that you have found the ideal place, reserve the place and do not forget to also book your Wedding Photographer in the Riviera Maya.

If you follow this easy steps I am sure you will have an amazing wedding, Congratulations!

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