Equipment Breakdown 

As a Travel Photographer, since we are on the move all the time. It's very important for me to trust in equipment that it's small, light and not too expensive (You never know when can get lost, wet or stolen) without compromising good quality.  Yes, I travel with more camera equipment than clothes, lol!

This is the equipment I use all the time. This is why..

Camera bodies

Nikon D850

The Nikon D850 it's a great camera to shoot weddings with amazing quality in a low light situation. If its a Wedding or indoors event The Nikon D850 is my first choice,

Nikon D610

The Nikon D610 it the camera I use when I know I am going to shoot a beautiful landscape or night outdoor scene. I can make stunning large prints for sale.

This is a great full frame mirrorless camera for street photography, portraits, and travel photography since is small and lightweight. Sony a7 ii kit, Small body with great results.  


Tamron 70-200  f2.8


If I am shooting couples or wildlife the Tamron 70-200mm its a super fast, sharp lens. Amazing depth of field.  One of my favorite pieces of gear. 

Nikon 16-35mm 


For Real State photography and big open landscapes, this Nikon 16-35mm will deliver wide images without creating too much distortion. 

Sigma 24-70mm


The Sigma 24-70mm is perfect for portraits and headshots or small groups of people. This is a sharp lens that I carry with me all the time.

Samsung S9+


Now, If for any reason I didn't bring any of my cameras. The Samsung S9 Plus will give me what I need.  Very nice pics with enough quality to post on Instagram, Facebook or Blog. 

Sport Camera


This camera is almost as good as a GoPro but just a fraction of it cost. Very affordable and make amazing 4K videos. The microphone is not the best. 


DJI Spark


This is my new toy and has become my favorite. I am getting addicted to this Drone DJI Spark. Very easy to use and responsive. 

Travel Tripod


This  Benro Aero 4 Travel Angel Video Tripod Kit is perfect for Travel Photographers and Videographers. Small, light wight and firm. 


Laptop Asus Book Pro 17 


I use this 17" laptop and I am surprised of the speed and response of this ASUS BookPro, solid state computer. Since there is no movement parts is fast and more durable than a regular laptop 

Lume Cube

This little guy is a strong light strobe that I use for Weddings and nightscape photography. Very small but very powerful Lume Cube.

SD Card

My Scandisk Ultra will keep my large files safe and will transfer fast to my computer. 

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